suCSS: Elevating Semantic HTML

suCSS is a minimalist and classless CSS framework, designed to provide a lightweight and elegant foundation for web development. Keep your projects streamlined and stylish with a framework that doesn't suCC(S) 💼

Why suCSS?

The modern web is often burdened by bulky frameworks, packing excessive features that go unused. For instance, while Bootstrap's minified CSS weighs a hefty 200KB, suCSS is a mere 8KB.

Despite its lightweight nature, suCSS doesn't compromise on aesthetics or functionality. It empowers web developers to swiftly create visually appealing sites without the bloat of complex frameworks.

By embracing suCSS, developers can easily establish a solid foundation for their projects or utilize it as-is for clean and polished websites. While frameworks like Bootstrap have their place, suCSS shines for modest or personal projects where simplicity reigns supreme, This website itself is crafted solely with semantic HTML, devoid of any classes or IDs.

My journey with suCSS began while experimenting with static site generators. Seeking a lightweight solution for my personal websites, I developed a straightforward CSS template. This template later evolved into a theme for Zola called anemone. Recognizing its potential utility to others, suCSS emerged as a standalone refined and minimalist CSS framework.

Key Features of suCSS